New Mexico House of Representatives to Reconsider Clean Transportation Fuel Standard

On January 3, legislation to establish a clean transportation fuel standard (CTFS) was reintroduced in to the New Mexico House of Representatives under House Bill 41 (HB 41).  This new bill aims to address some of the issues that prevented similar legislation from progressing under Senate Bill 11 in 2021 and House Bill 426 in 2023.  This makes New Mexico the first of the 6 states who introduced, but did not pass, clean fuel standard bills in 2023 to reintroduce similar bills in 2024.  The other states are Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Illinois. 

HB 41 would implement a new clean transportation fuel standard in New Mexico on or before July 1, 2026.  This standard, which would function very similarly to the well-established California Low Carbon Fuels Standard (CARB LCFS), would allow sellers within New Mexico of fuel that has lower emissions than conventional gasoline and diesel fuel to generate credits for this fuel proportional to their emissions reduction.  New Mexico is hoping to gain the same benefits from this program as have been seen through the similar California, Oregon and Washington programs, including more fuel choices at the pump, lower cost renewable fuels and a reduction in pollution.

At TRICORD, we have been monitoring the progression of these proposed programs and have been keeping up with the latest news.  Our renewables team has supported lifecycle assessment and application and ongoing compliance support for the following programs: 

  • California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (CARB LCFS) 
  • Canada Clean Fuel Regulations (ECCC CFR) 
  • U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (EPA RFS) 
  • U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRS IRA)
  • Washington Clean Fuels Standard (WDOE CFS)
  • Oregon Clean Fuels Program (ODEQ CFP) 

If you are looking for help with lifecycle assessment, carbon footprint analysis, renewable fuels compliance or just want to better understand the renewable fuels landscape, please contact our renewable fuels team lead, Hannah Losey P.E., at