We are a nationally leading firm of Air Quality Environmental Consultants that dedicate our engineering and technical talents to serving others first.  Our relationship-driven approach puts years of regulatory know-how to work to ensure your success.  In our experience, serving others is good for the soul and what’s good for the soul, is good for business.

Environmental Health and Safety is a core discipline and specialty that is critical to the success of companies across numerous industries, aimed to protect the environment and the safety of their people.  Partnering with the right environmental consulting company can help you reduce liability and ensure better compliance for your company.  TRICORD’s your trusted partner!

Our Air Quality Environmental Consulting team has decades of regulatory agency relationships and innovative solutions to provide our clients optimal results. We maintain consistent teams that utilize gained institutional knowledge and a well developed skill set to reduce client cost while providing maximum value.

The Result: Stronger Compliance – consistent calculations, permits, and reports delivered on-time at reduced cost to you.

We pride ourselves with concern for your greater good—that means we don’t rush reporting, churning out template work to achieve the minimum result. At TRICORD, we consider your needs holistically, providing strategies across your EHS programs with advising and direction that make a difference.
The Result: Integrated EHS programs – aligned with your company goals.

What’s in a name?

A commitment to strength. “One person standing alone can be attacked and defeated. Two can stand back to back and conquer.  Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” This wise saying is at the root of our name and speaks to our commitment to teamwork ensuring success. Our cord of relationships is a triple braid consisting of client, consultant, and regulatory agency. We do everything we can to ensure the braid and bond is strong.