M&A Due Diligence + Compliance Audits

At TRICORD, we understand the importance of accurately assessing environmental liabilities associated with the purchase of an asset, the acquisition of a new line of business, or an on-going Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance program.

The success of any merger or acquisition is dependent on identifying and defining all disclosed and undisclosed material environmental risks and liabilities, short and long-term.  Whether you’re buying or selling, our experts work to understand the goals of the transaction, the historic culture and operation of the target assets, and any potential impacts due to developing regulatory issues.  TRICORD tailors the approach for each individual transaction to maximize value and deliver a quality work product in a timely manner.

In the case of auditing existing EHS programs for our clients, our goal is to identify compliance gaps and provide corrective actions quickly.  With each audit, we practice a thorough, yet pragmatic approach that incorporates updated regulatory protocols and provides you with a simplified process of evaluating and documenting compliance.

Our regulatory and technical experts stand ready to assess your EHS audit needs and provide compliance solutions that help mitigate future risk for your company.  TRICORD provides support with the following:

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Rigorous Buyer/Seller Transaction Support
  • Target EHS Compliance Audits
  • Title V Reasonable Inquiry Audits
  • Consulting to supplement an existing EHS compliance audit teams

To create a team that best fits your specific needs, we may draw from strategic alliances that supplement our core services with specialty services. This includes asset-specific industry experts, RCRA and groundwater experts, geologists and hydrogeologists, industrial hygienists, and process safety experts.

See our Strategic Alliances page for more information regarding our key service partners.  With this approach, TRICORD offers a network of highly qualified individuals under one umbrella ready to meet our client’s technical and geographical EHS auditing needs.

Check out our Services page for a more comprehensive list of service offerings.

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