LDAR and Fugitive Emissions Services

TRICORD offers a wide range of LDAR and fugitive emissions services, centered around our audit programs.  TRICORD personnel have conducted over 400 LDAR audits, including those mandated by EPA Consent Decrees and voluntary internal audits.  We approach each audit with the belief that the site has a compliant LDAR program, and adjust that opinion only when we discover clear instances of non-compliance.  This approach is quite different than many auditors, who begin with suspicions and work to develop evidence to support that opinion.  Despite this “friendly” approach to audits, TRICORD personnel have a close relationship with EPA LDAR subject matter experts who often recommend our services.

The audit program has allowed TRICORD staff to observe both best practices and common pitfalls at around a hundred petroleum refineries, as well as dozens of chemical plants and up-stream/mid-stream oil and gas facilities.  We share these insights with the staff and contractors at the sites we audit, making it as much a training exercise as an audit.

In addition to audits, TRICORD can provide assistance in many other areas related to LDAR and fugitive emissions:

  • Training – both formal training at ISA, 4C, and TRICORD events and training directly to a specific client/facility
  • Optical Gas Imaging – We’ve been working with OGI for decades and can provide services for your site and/or train and certify your personnel
  • Database Assistance – We have great experience in working with your database and performing independent tests and offsite database services for facilities
  • Process Stream Identification and Tagging – We’ve performed many stream characterization projects, as well as providing QA/QC for flagging, tagging, and documentation
  • Fugitive Emission Research and Mass Emission Measurement – TRICORD’s team were involved in development of the bagging method for mass emissions measurement and more recently in developing and employing the Hi-Flow Sampler™.

Check out our Services page for a more comprehensive list of service offerings or email one of our LDAR Service leaders below.

LDAR Service Leaders

Graham "Buzz" Harris

The Grandfather of LDAR

Bronson Pate

LDAR / Global / Oil & Gas, Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals, Chemicals, and Terminals

David Ranum

LDAR, Emissions & Ambient Air Monitoring

Jeremy Mosley

Business Development / National / LDAR & Emissions Monitoring

Jim Walsh

LDAR & Emissions Monitoring

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