Partnering with the right consultant helps ensure that all your needs can be met, which leads to a greater peace of mind and a better quality of life! Whether it’s minimizing your compliance risks, permitting a grass-roots facility, or just getting all of your reporting done, TRICORD is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Being a Team Player

When joining any team, you commit to a common set of goals and work together to accomplish them.  We don’t just understand the goals of the project, instead we strive to become a member of the team by understanding our clients’ long term goals and sharing in their culture. We operate as an extension of our clients’ office and business operations by getting to know everyone on their team (environmental, engineering, operations, corporate, etc.) and understanding their individual needs.

Providing “Value Added” Services

When completing your scope of work, we always think about how to provide “value added” services during the project. With the great majority of our work products inter-relating to other programs that our customers have the responsibility of managing, this “value added” approach ensures consistency with these other programs and the overall goals of the company.

Being Responsive

We strive to always return our clients’ e-mails, voice messages, etc. within 24 hours of receipt.  On the rare occasion when we cannot provide an immediate answer to your question(s), we will respond by giving you an expectation of when your request will be fulfilled. Our goal is to respond in a timely manner so that our clients can move forward knowing their request will be taken care of.

Delivering Convenience

We know that our customers are often busy with a million high priority tasks.  Whether it’s providing a summary of key consideration points for a report review, working around your daily schedule, or completing deliverables ahead of schedule, we work hard to make environmental compliance easier for you.  We consider our clients’ long term compliance strategy when planning and working on all projects.

Our project teams offer support with a wide range of services

Air Quality Permitting

Preconstruction Project Reviews
– Authorization for Expenditure (AFE)
– Management of Change (MOC)
– Engineering Assessments
Permit Strategy Development
New Source Review (NSR) Permitting
– Prevention of Significant Deterioration Permits
– Non-attainment New Source Review Permits
– Minor NSR Permits
– Standard Exemptions, Permits-by-Rule
– Permit Amendments
– Permit Renewals
– Flexible Permits
– Qualified Facility Changes (SB 1126)
– Tier Three Best Available Control Technology (BACT) Determinations
– Lowest Achievable Emission Rate (LAER) Determinations
– Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Documentation
Title V Operating Permits
GHG Permits (Tailoring Rule)

Air Dispersion Modeling

National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), PSD Increments, and State Standards
State MERA Analysis

Air Quality Regulatory Compliance Analysis

NSPS, NESHAPS and MACT Compliance Program Development
New Rule Applicability Analysis and Implementation
Applicability Determinations
Agency Negotiations

Emission Event and Continuous Release Reporting

– Emission Event Calculations
– Event Root Cause and Correction Analysis and Documentation
– Data Management Systems
– CERCLA Reporting

Greenhouse Gas Management

Emission Calculations/Inventory Reporting
Emission Reduction and Energy Conservation Strategies

Control Technology Analysis

Selection of feasible options (e.g., RACT/BACT/LAER Clearinghouse studies)
Agency Negotiations
Design/bid specification support

Ambient Air Sampling and Monitoring

Design/bid specification support
Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)
Data Management Systems

Environmental Compliance Management Systems

Needs Assessment and System Selection
Customized System Design
– Emissions Tracking
– Regulatory Compliance Tracking
– Title V Deviation Reporting
– Other Compliance Management Tools
Project Management and System Implementation
– Integrate with Existing Software and Automated Process

Federal Release and Toxic Substance Control Act Reporting

EPCRA 312 Tier II Reporting
EPCRA 313 Tier III – Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting
TSCA Section 8(e) Reporting

Due Diligence and Compliance Audits

Due Diligence Site Investigations and Reporting
– Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments
– Data Room and Public Document Review
Negotiation and Advisement of Environmental Agreements
HSE Functional Assessment and Transition Assistance
Third Party Multi Media Audits
– Gap Assessments
– Air Quality (NSR, NSPS, Title V, BWON and LDAR)
– Waste Management (RCRA, EPCRA, CERCLA, SPCC)
– Wastewater / Storm Water (NPDES, SWPPP, MSGP, General Permits)
Environmental Program Audits

Consent Decree Support

Section 114 requests
Compliance Program Development and Assessments


Flare Monitoring Program Assessment
Flare Header Mapping
Flare Waste Gas Minimization
Flare Management Plans


Personal Training of Employees
Site-specific Departmental Group Training’s

On-site Assistance

HSE Personnel and Functionality Assessments
Placement of Temporary Staff
– Assistance with daily permit and regulatory compliance tracking
– Completion of periodic record-keeping and reporting obligations
– Management of the process and control equipment monitoring and inspection requirements
– Assistance with emission event record-keeping and reporting

Strategic Environmental Planning

Corporate Policies and Guidelines
– Manage and Communicate Emerging EH&S Issues to
Achieve Maximum Value with Reduced Resources Benchmarking
– Manage Existing Liabilities to Minimize Long-Term Risk to your organization
HSE Functional Assessments
Score Card Development
Special Studies

Expert Witness Testimony/Consulting

Environmental Information Systems

Provide Data Web Hosting
Job Aides & Standard Operating Procedures
Score Card Systems
Corporate Resource Allocation

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